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Buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on our exchange. When you trade with us we remove the risk of buying from overseas marketplaces because we are Australian-owned and operated.

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Register and verify your account. Just submit your details and upload your ID to get digitally authenticated. Feel safe that we follow a strict privacy policy and have secure systems to protect your information.

Get a Crypto Wallet

You need a cryptocurrency wallet to store your cryptocurrency. Nowadays there are many options but we highly recommend a cold storage device like a Ledger Nano X to safeguard your investments.

Bitcoin Australia Price

Frequently Asked Questions

What is bitcoin

Bitcoin or BTC is a new type and class of digital currency or digital asset. It has value because many people around the world place enormous trust in the blockchain technology upon which the currency is built.

Using cryptocurrency wallets people can complete transactions quickly and send currency anywhere in the world.

Why trade in cryptocurrencies

There are many reasons why people buy bitcoin or other altcoins and tokens. The main reason is they want the value to increase so they can make a profit.

A sound strategy when trading, is to buy a top-performing cryptocurrency like BTC, Ethereum or even Ripple and hold it for the long term.

However, when the price is fluctuating be prepared to trade for other coins or tokens that are performing better.

How the Exchange Works - Buy bitcoin easily, quickly and safely now!

Our Cryptocurrency Exchange is located in Perth Western Australia but we provide services throughout the country. We offer our customers a managed trading environment whereby you can place orders to buy, sell and trade bitcoin as well as many other altcoins and tokens. Our prices are competitive and our trading fees are transparent and we provide a secure and stable network with prompt customer service.

  • Trade cryptocurrency

    Log in to your account to place an order. No messing around with complicated market data and order books.

  • Deposit funds

    We accept online bank transfers, and Osko payments and exchange a variety of other coins and tokens.

  • Store your assets

    Use our crypto custody service to store and secure your digital currency or just use your private wallet.

  • Fast order processing

    We strive to complete transactions within minutes once we receive cleared payments.

Customer Support

We are a cryptocurrency exchange and brokerage service that offers fast and easy phone support. Give us a call and get help within minutes from one of our team members.