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Bitcoin Account

This is the frequently asked questions page where we try and answer the most common customer enquiries about their Bitcoin Account.

Why do I need to verify my identity?

When a customer signs-up for an account they are required to verify their identity. This is a compliance measure we must adhere to.

The verification protocol is called know your customer (KYC). To accomplish this standard we use the Australia Post Digital iD system.

It's an automated procedure whereby a customer only needs to enter some information from their primary identity documents. It takes the hassle out of typical sign-up procedures offered by other exchange platforms by removing the need to upload verification documents and then wait days for approval.

Our customers can sign-up instantly and this puts them in control of their personal data, so they only share what is required.

Why do you need my email address?

The email address you provide us is used to sign-up or register a user account. Once registered you can buy bitcoin and exchange cryptocurrencies.

You also have access to trade history and other account functions such as: password and username modification. There is also an option to create a user account using your social media profile.

What is 2FA (two-factor-authentication)?

2FA or two step verification is a security measure to protect your account log in process. Our authentication protocol will send a code to your phone via text. Once you receive the code you can enter it during the log in process to gain access to your account.

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Can I delete my bitcoin account?

We are not authorised to delete user accounts. Under the AUSTRAC anti money laundering (AML), counter terrorism financing (CTF) and fraud prevention we are required to "know your customer" (KYC). This requires us to retain customer information. All personal information is handled in accordance with our privacy policy.